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Cycling Together - Warmshowers & EuroVelo: Meet the winners!

mardi 18 juin 2024
Some time ago, we called on the EuroVelo and Warmshowers communities to share with us their best memories and stories of being hosted while on a EuroVelo route, or of hosting cyclists. Here are our four lucky winners and their amazing, heart-warming stories!

Clement Thomas

Clement Thomas
Clement Thomas

A Cyclist's Odyssey: From Montpellier to Amsterdam

For some time now, encouraged by my readings, a cycling journey tempted me. So, in September 2022, I decided to take the plunge, embarking with my cousin. It was an initiatory voyage, spanning from the landscapes of Petite Camargue in Southern France, where I grew up, to the canals and narrow gabled houses of Amsterdam, a city I had long dreamt of visiting.

This journey came at the perfect time, coinciding with the completion of my Master's degree, during which I had the opportunity to conduct research on the effects of soft mobility on the productivity of employees in French companies, fueling my passion for cycling and exploring the benefits of sustainable mobility.

Read Clement's full story on the Warmshowers blog.

Silvia Julián González

Silvia Julian Gonzalez
Silvia Julian Gonzalez

It's the Unknown That Makes My Wheels Turn

I am SIlvia J. Gonzalez. I am 54 years old and I am a long-distance cyclist, I travel alone and in self-sufficiency. The bicycle has been in my life for a long time, I started to travel on roads in Spain, but I started traveling through Eurovelo in 2022 touring several EuroVelo routes: 1, 4, 6, 7, 12, in countries such as France, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. After this great trip of 3 months my life on a bike changed completely, so in 2023 I rode the entire Eurovelo 15 - Rhine Cycle Route and EuroVelo 17 - Rhone Cycle Route.

Silvia's story is not new to the real EuroVelo fans... Read more about it on Warmshowers, too.

James Simpson

James Simpson
James Simpson

A Dad and a Boy Creating Memories on the Road

Two years ago, I left on a 3000km adventure with my 2 year-old son through six countries, from Finland to Denmark through the Baltic states and Sweden. We did this journey alone. Each summer we cycle for a few weeks on regional or EuroVelo routes. EuroVelo shows the diversity of Europe whilst facilitating the sharing of experiences and the commonalities that unite us.

We travelled slowly, as a journey like this cannot be measured in distance, but in the experiences and fun had along the way. A two year-old does not have the patience for long rides, so daily distances were planned around play parks, sandy beaches, or forest ponds. Our average was 50km per day, which meant 3-4 hours of active cycling. We were heavy, with a fully laden touring bike and child’s trailer stuffed with tents, cooking gear, and clothing for both warm and cold weather. Teddy bear, bucket and spade, and surprise goodies for emergency moments found their place too. He mostly sat behind me on a child seat, only going ino the trailer in bad weather.

Read all about this lovely cycling story here.

XPLORid Cycling Nomads

Our Cycling Nomad Life Started on EuroVelo 1

Xplorid Cycling Nomads
Xplorid Cycling Nomads

We are Ben and Linda and we are XPLORid—Cycling Nomads. In the summer of 2019, we went on a 30-day test ride in Ireland. This ride was meant to prepare us for our tour around the world. Little did we know that by getting rid of all their belongings and renting out their apartment, we would become true nomads. The initial plan was to leave our home city, Maastricht, and cycle to the east.

Upon arrival in Rosslare, we immediately started cycling towards Waterford on EuroVelo 1. We didn't want to spend the night in busy Waterford itself, so we cycled a bit further. We rang the doorbell at an old man’s house and asked if we could pitch our tent in his garden for one night. Dennis told us his wife recently passed away and he was planning to visit his son that evening. Our unexpected visit was a pleasant surprise to him.

The weather gods were not so favorable to us. Not all day, but every once in a while there was a big rain shower. In May 2024, and we’ve cycled almost 38,000 km in 34 countries.

Read all about Ben and Linda's travels here.

Thank you to all the people who have shared their stories with us!

If you are curious about Warmshowers, if you would like to get hosted by a local in your next cycling trip or want to become a host yourself, visit the Warmshowers website.